the swyd sprint triathlon

June 3rd 2018
Beat Pritch to the finish line!

Putting on a race is a rush. Not the same intense and coarse adrenaline pumped rush that we experience as racers when the cannon fires and we cross the mat. Not that same feeling of tightness in our chest when we hit the water and your wetsuit suddenly feels a size smaller but none the less a rush. Our journey through triathlon has resulted in a passion to deliver a race that we would want to enter. A race where we hope everyone who competes gets the same buzz as we do.

We decided to put on our first race on the iconic Barry Island. Somewhere where we love to swim, train and now race. A perfect sandy beach, a rolling bike with a couple of ups and a flat and fast sprint finish along the promenade. Pritch has set the marker down and is looking for people to challenge him across this course. Have you got what it takes? Can you beat him to the finish? If you are a completer or a competer, if you are using this race to tune up for your season or it’s your first open water tri we have designed a course for all.