Swim Run

Come and join us at the SWYD Sprint Swim Run on the 14th July 2019.

Swim Run arrives at Barry Island!

You will swim in your trainers and run in your wetsuit without transition. This rapidly growing sport started out in Sweden 10 years ago as a drunken bet between friends and is now one of the most dynamic and exciting races on your calendar. 

This is a race where partner selection is important. You have to remain within 10 metres of your partner at all times so make sure you get that dynamic right! 

The race will start at 1000 and you and your partner will then make your way cross country, through the checkpoints to the beach at Font- Y-Gary where you will start your epic journey back to the finish line at the Eastern Promenade. 

There are some technical swim sections as well as demanding hills to run up and down so this one is going to be challenging!

This is a race where we will enforce strict check point cut offs – if you don’t make the check point in time your race has finished. No if’s or buts!

This is a race that will push your resolve and mental toughness as much as your fitness and experience.

Due to the nature of the race we are limiting this event to 50 pairs. So if you want to be in the starting 100 get your entry in quickly. 

You are allowed to use swim aids such as pull buoys and hand paddles but remember if you start with them you will be expected to have them with you at the end.

This race is strictly limited to 50 pairs of athletes. Don’t miss out. Sign up now!