The SWYD Triathlon Club might not be for the fastest athlete on the start line, but its's definitely for the coolest. Membership just £30

We are an internet based club so don’t expect to have weekly meetings, training sessions or a huge list of rules and regulations. We’ve started this club so that you can join in with like minded racers who love this sport as much as we do.

 WE HAVE DESIGNED A SUPER COOL RANGE OF TRIATHLON, CYCLING, RUNNING AND PRE/POST RACE GEAR as well as this we will be sharing exclusive club content and special offers from our race partners including Speedo, CEP Sports, CES Wheels and High 5 as well as club offers from other cool partners and early sign up options for All or Nothing Events.

Join the club here for 12 months and receive a discounted membership of your home Nations Triathlon as well as an exclusive discount code for SWYD Triathlon Race gear and merchandise.

Sign up quickly and take advantage of our spring 2019 offer. All new members will receive a super cool SWYD Tri Club snap back ready for the summer. Only the cool kids at the pool will have this so wear it with pride.